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Yoshida Family Legacy

“It just highlights how precious the genetic influence of Sunday Silence
has been in the elevation of Japan as a world power in the production of racehorses.”

We’ve just posted an ad for the Sporting Post updating the performances of Admire Main’s two-year-olds. It just highlights how precious the genetic influence of Sunday Silence has been in the elevation of Japan as a world power in the production of racehorses. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at the numbers in the tables below, and for a moment reflect not only on the Breeder’s log, but on the leading sires (general) and the two-year-old sires. The top farm belongs to Katsumi Yoshida, son of the legendary Zenya Yoshida, who founded the original Shadai Farm. Northern Farm is touching R800 million (yes, 800 million) in earnings, while brother Teruya’s Shadai Farm is in second with 670 million. The family’s conglomerate farm Shiraoi has accumulated close to R225,000 million, and their magnum opus is last year’s Horse Of The Year, Orfvere. Now have a look at the leading sires, which is remarkable for the fact that every one of the top ten is based at the Shadai Stallion Station, which the three Yoshida brothers own together. No fewer than seven of them are sons of Sunday Silence (names in bold), while once again the dominance of the Shadai Stallion Station is clear in the two-year-old sires log, the first 8 being based there.

Coolmore has long been the dominant stallion operation in Europe, and their numbers are staggering, but when it comes to total dominance of a nation’s breeding affairs, Shadai and the Yoshida family stand alone. Getting back to Admire Main, he is here courtesy of the generosity for which the Yoshidas are well known, but also as a product of their long term view of business. For them to have parted with a horse of his immense talent and of his impeccable breeding, tells you firstly how strong they are in other representative sons of the line at the Shadai Stallion Station, but also of their determination to ensure that the Sunday Silence legacy is spread around the world. And just as Galileo is doing by comparison with his own phenomenal sire, Sadler’s Wells in Europe, Deep Impact is having just that, a very deep impact on the affairs of Japanese racing. He looks at this stage, a serious threat to Sunday Silence’s own record.

2012 JRA Leading Breeders

2012 jra leading breeders

2012 JRA Leading Sire

2012 JRA Leading Sire

2012 JRA Leading Sire of 2-Year-Olds

2012 JRA Leading Sire of 2-Year-Olds

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